Thank you!

Yesterday we got the results from the Fabric8 contest in which I was one of the 8 finalists.
The contest was organised by Spoonflower and Robert Kaufman Fabrics and ended yesterday.
Finally the winner was Lamai with her wonderful Constellations – Hidden in the Stars design.

It was fun taking part of this and I want to thank  you for your support and voting for me.
It was an amazing cosmique…

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featured in Flow Magazine!

featured in Flow Magazine!

Hi there,

The last couple of months I kept it all silent but today I can finally share this fun news.
Together with the very talented fellow designers Sam Osborne, Helen Dardik and Rita Fürstenau I was interviewd by Flow magazine about prints and pattern design.
It’s a wonderful article that tells a bit about the history of pattern designs and how it still fulfils an important role in our daily…

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Vote for my cosmic garden

Vote for my cosmic garden

Hi again,
This week is going to be a very exciting week for me!
As you might or might not have heard I am a finalist in the Fabric8 contest organised by Spoonflower and Robert Kaufman Fabrics.
And I would love you to vote for me!

[icon color=”Accent-Color” size=”regular” image=”linecon-icon-like”]  [button open_new_tab=”true” color=”accent-color” hover_text_color_override=”#fff” size=”large”…

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Vote for Le Jardin Cosmique

Vote for Le Jardin Cosmique

Heyy how are you doing?

I am very thrilled at the moment and I will tell you why.
I would love you to VOTE for me!

At the moment there is this awesome pattern design contest going on called Fabric8, and I decided to take part in it.
It’s organised by Spoonflower together with Robert Kaufman Fabrics.
Part of the prize is that the winner of the contest will be offered a contract to design a fabric…

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Surtex 2014 - an amazing voyage in New York

Surtex 2014 – an amazing voyage in New York

Hello, how are you doing?

Well, after 6 months of preparations, it finally happened! The show called Surtex.

This is a long story. A bit of my journey, preparations and maybe some tips. So make yourself a cup of tea and hopefully you enjoy you babbling :D

It all started back in November.
My husband and I were just moving houses when the girls of Forest Foundry ( Ine Beerten | Zoe Ingram | Karma…

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Surtex + subscribe to my Newsletter

Surtex + subscribe to my Newsletter

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Hi again!

Surtex is coming, Surtex is coming!

It’s a bit of a mad house here while taking care of the last bits of preparation.
I am currently working on a swag bag or…

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Wall art - My Slow Down motto

Wall art – My Slow Down motto

Hello again,
Time for a little update from me :D

During week 4 of Lilla Roger’s E-course Make art that Sells, we learned about Wall Art.
We got loads and loads of examples of gorgeous wall art. Some very figurative while others more abstract.
So much imagery, it was almost overwhelming.
We got lots of tips about the wall art market and what kind of details to focus on when working on a piece.


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Farmeroo! App

Hey there! How are you doing?

I wanted to share some really fun news with you.
Remember I made the illustrations and graphics for the game board game Farmeroo?
Well, the game is now also available as an app on itunes.
And the best thing is that it’s FREE! Only for 10 days though, so be quick and get it now :D

Download your free app here!

It’s super fun and I am over the moon about the quality of…

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The Fox and the Crow - children’s book illustration

The Fox and the Crow – children’s book illustration

Hi everyone,

A blog post with an illustration for a very very old story. Or actually it’s a fable from Aesop called ‘The Fox and the Crow’.
This week’s assignment for the E-course Make Art that Sells, we got the assignment to create an illustration for this little story.

I thought it was a fun coincidence that I made illustrations for this fable years and years ago. I think it must’ve been in…

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Decorating plates with flowers

Decorating plates with flowers

Another week has passed and then another one, and then I almost forgot to blog about it!
But here it is, week 2 in Make Art that Sells part A: Home Décor.

For the Home Décor week, we got an assignment to design a set of plates with succulents as our main theme.
We learned a lot again this week. It’s all about staying open to possibilities with your art. When creating art you are not really…

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